The Science of the ComfyCat Cave

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The ComfyCat Cave by CatGeeks is engineered for your cat by combining many of your cat’s natural needs into a single product: The need for security, need for warmth, and a love of wool.


‘If I fits, I sits’ is not just a popular internet meme, but a bit of an innate feeling for many cats.

We’ve seen cats do this in cardboard boxes, glass bowls, and many other small spaces that would make most, aside from professional contortionists, cringe. Why do cats do this? Scientifically, a Dutch study showed that enclosed spaces influence a cat’s ability to cope with stress, which is a helpful factor for maintaining a strong welfare of a cat’s health. In the study, shelter cats were broken into two groups – one with a hiding box and one without. The cats’ stress levels were measured from each group over a two week period. It was found that the group with the hiding box was able to adapt more easily to the new environment than the group without the box. This presented data that Ethologists used to deduce that hideaway enclosures act as coping tools for cats.

Whether in a new home, or just adding a dampener to constantly changing household environments, the ComfyCat Cave can add a great hideaway superior to all those Amazon boxes, and provide a large enough space for even the larger cats to de-stress. We recommend a maximum of about 20 pounds.


Cats always seem to feel warm to the touch when they curl up next to us, but are they really warm? After all, doesn’t all that fur act as an insulator?

Scientific sources say no. A research study by the National Research Council shows that the thermoneutral zone of a domesticated cat, or the range in which the temperature feels ‘normal’ for a cat, ranges from 86°F-101°F. Compared to a clothed human, (our thermoneutral zone ranges between 69°F-75°F,) this represents an 11°F-32°F degree difference between what we and our cats find pleasing.

The ComfyCat Cave was designed to provide that extra layer of thermal insulation to help your cat feel more at home.

Love of Wool

We know that cats are attracted to wool – we’ve all seen them chew on a pair of wool socks, or suck at a wool sweater – but why?

In Roger Tabor’s book, “Understanding Cat Behavior,” he describes a presumed strong genetic predisposition with the smell of lanolin in the wool. Many other veterinarians also support the hypothesis that genetics play a large part in why cats are attracted to wool or cloth products. The warmth and texture also provides a likely benefit to cats. In addition to providing heat and comfort, the ComfyCat Cave’s strong lanolin scent immediately sparks an interaction for many cats. Wool also has the great advantage of breathability as it traps microscopic cortices of air to increase insulation but wicks away moisture to not overheat the cat.

All of these factors are why the ComfyCat Cave is constructed with 100% Merino sheep wool. This symphony of sensation seldom promotes chewing; but definitely inspires play, comfort, and security.

Wonderful Choice!

My cats took right to this cave. I ordered two, one for each cat. One of my cats weighs 18 pounds and the other 13 pounds. Both fit easily inside their individual cave. It is very well made. There were no funny smells from the wool. This product is expensive in my opinion, more so when buying two, but I can tell you they are worth the investment. You get what you pay for. I don’t ever see these wearing out. Excellent product!

–P Phillips