All Natural Materials

The ComfyCat Cave is constructed using 100% Merino sheep wool from New Zealand. Merino sheep wool is highly prized in the textile industry for its fine texture, superior to other sheep wool. The finer wool threads create a softer texture which is pleasing to you and more comfortable for your cat.

Wool has the added benefit of being a naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic material, which keeps cleaning needs minimal and provides a safe option for even the sensitive skin of infants and allergy prone individuals.

The coloring in the wool is made with a vegetable-based dye, which contains NO additional chemicals and truly makes the ComfyCat Cave all-natural.

Flexible & Multifunctional

In addition to being used as an enclosed hideaway, the ComfyCat Cave can also be folded down to create an open-bed or ‘nest.’ This provides a great lounging area for the confident cat, or a space to cool off during the hot summer months.

The wool construction allows for easy folding and storage when not in use and can be easily reformed and shaped to its original shape.

Great Aesthetic

From contemporary to shabby chic to rustic décor, the ComfyCat Cave is a suitable accent to any home. Unique patterns and high contrast are sure to make this a great talking piece for guests, and provide a piece of cat furniture that looks great in your home.

Hand-crafted by our wonderful artisans, each cave given the finest detail to complement your lifestyle.

Sustainably Constructed

CatGeeks is committed to making all fair trade products.

Each ComfyCat Cave is handmade by skilled Nepali craftswomen being paid a living wage. We feel that the use of slave and child labor is an abhorrent practice, and we work closely with our factories to qualify and audit best practices for working conditions and fair wages. Ensuring that the ComfyCat Cave has a positive impact in every step in the supply chain is our top priority.

Creatively Inspired and Tested

Each ComfyCat Cave undergoes testing for quality, color, size, and shape. The design and style has been tested by our experienced feline product experts…(They’re cats…) to give the best possible experience to your cat.

While not every cat shares exactly the same tastes, CatGeeks strives to create products that stimulate an innate sensation which most cats can connect with and provide a compelling way to connect users with their cats.

We firmly believe that we are only successful if your cat enjoys our products.

Outstanding Warranty

Every ComfyCat Cave is covered by an exceptional 6-month worry-free warranty.

We understand that cats have constantly changing tastes and needs, and we offer an extended trial period to test out your purchase to ensure that it truly is a product your cat loves!

Wonderful and High Quality!

My 16lb. tuxedo cat has adopted it as his favorite place to snooze or just lounge. At first, he liked to crawl in and curl up, but it didn’t take him long to figure out that he could step on the top and collapse it into a saucer. He rates it 4-paws up!