CatGeeks was founded to create and provide compelling products that connect cats with their people. While maintaining these efforts we champion sustainability, creativity, and inspiration without sacrificing a pet’s experience for profit.

Our Core Pillars of Operation

Socially Responsible

CatGeeks products products and services are made and performed with an eye toward positive impact for everyone; workers, distributors, and end-users – both feline and human. All manufacturing and operations are done sustainably, paid fairly, and provide opportunities for education and advancement. All materials sourced are done so with sustainability in mind, and create investments in environmental, social, and educational improvement.


Users of CatGeeks products should be entitled to use and return products under an extended warranty. This warranty must be longer than industry standard, as cats have constantly changing tastes and it is difficult to for cats to agree on anything. This provides our customers with a tremendous value and sense of trustworthiness in the brand.


CatGeeks products are envisioned so that they cannot be harmful to the cats in any way. The design inspires safe play habits and limited concerns for customers, even when used unsupervised. Any safety concerns are clearly labeled to guarantee full confidence and comfortability for both cats and people.


CatGeeks products are scientifically formulated to fulfill a cat’s needs and are tested by cats for cats. Products should be technical in design yet simple in nature, and be created to instill an innate sense of comfort and play, while remaining easy for customers to use.


Products of CatGeeks strive to connect cats to people, and people to a community of like-minded individuals. Cats feel satiated and compelled to use our products, and people are pleased by the aesthetic and kinesthetic factors, as well as the bond that our products help develop between them to their cats. Many cats normally express an independent nature, while their owners have a need to connect with them – CatGeeks products are there to bridge that gap.

Meet the Founder

I founded CatGeeks because I truly love cats. I have two of my own and they were the inspiration that made CatGeeks a reality. There was always an internal need for myself to communicate with my own cats and express my affection. There was always a drive to understand their behavior, their thoughts, and to try and understand when they were truly happy. It occurred to me that my cats and I connect best when I interact with them in their natural language – Play. This inspired me to create something that helped other people like me connect with their cats in their most innate ways. By looking into the fundamental ways that cats live and interact, but with an appreciation for their peculiarities, I wanted CatGeeks to be the foundation by which people could gain an additional level of connection with their cats.

Like everyone else growing up, I had the lofty desire to change the world. It wasn’t until later in my life that I realized the notion that changing the life of one person for the better makes the world a better place to live in. This is why it is so important to me that CatGeeks maintains a sustainable practice where not only can we make products that cats really like, but if we can make even one product that positively impacts one person, then we can make the world a better place.

–Blake W.

How it’s Made

Considered to be one of the oldest known textiles, felt has been made through millennia dating back as far as the Sumerian culture.

The ComfyCat cave by CatGeeks is made through a process known as wet felting, and only consists of three natural ingredients: sheep wool, water, and soap. In the process of wet felting, the wool is wetted down with soapy water and agitated to interweave the fibers creating a solid fabric. Unique colors and designs can be added by utilizing wools of different colors, and layering them in artistic ways.

Each ComfyCat cave is felted by hand by a skilled craftsman to create an incredible homemade touch, and sustainably constructed using vegetable-based dye in all colored wool.