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Cats love the ComfyCat Cave!

Made from 100% New Zealand Merino Sheep’s wool that is world-renowned for its softness, the ComfyCat Cave has been tested by cats exclusively for cats. Hand-crafted from the skilled artisans of Nepal, this unique wool is highly resistant to dirt and odors due to its natural antibacterial properties. Natural insulating properties will keep your feline friend warm on the coldest nights and cool on the hottest summer days.

Our cats love it and we know your will too! No catnip necessary!

Scientifically Engineered!

The ComfyCat Cave is engineered for your cat by combining many of your cat’s natural needs into a single product!

ComfyCat Cave Model Image
ComfyCat Cave Nepalese Woman

Creators with a Purpose!

CatGeeks was founded to create and provide compelling products that connect cats with their people. While maintaining these efforts we champion sustainability, creativity, and inspiration without sacrificing a pet’s experience for profit.

Seriously Amazing!

Let me just say, from the second I opened this product up, my cats were intrigued, and not just by the box it came in. It took me two seconds to unfold and set up. There was no hesitation from either of them, they just climbed right in and did that adorable massage that cats do when they love something. Overall, the dediction to great materials and design really shows that this company loves animals. They have made the best bed I have seen for cats in a long time. Do your best friend a favor and pick one of these up.

–Shannon P

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